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Harmonised Wagon Wheelset

European Standard Freight Wagon Axle for 25t (ESFA 25)

Project code: 2015/RSF/406

Project director: Marc ANTONI

Project manager: Roberto TIERI

Contact: Roberto TIERI

[Version 17.11.2014] Recent years have seen various measures being introduced to improve wheelset maintenance in response to incidents in service. Developing a new harmonised wagon axle/harmonised interface for wagon axles would serve towards harmonisation and ensuring effective maintenance at a low cost. These new axles are distinguished by a larger diameter. In accordance with the decisions taken by the Rail System Forum Steering Committee on 28.11.2012 under agenda item 2.1, the task of drafting a project proposal for developing a 25 t wagon axle was taken on. The data already collected by the Joint Sector Group on sector requirements for an axle of this type is being taken into account. The challenge in this work is to blend the expertise of UIC with the needs and interests of European operating companies.

Keywords: Technology, Europe