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Formalization of Interfaces Functional Specifications

Project code: 2015/RSF/432

Project director: Marc ANTONI

Project manager: Téodor GRADINARIU

Contact: Téodor GRADINARIU

The harmonised use of the interlocking systems into the ETCS applications needs the complete, precise and safety-testable functional specification of the interfaces of all applicable interlocking systems to the Radio Block Centre. Specification is currently only available for rare electronic interlocking, only for the "static" functions and not for the dynamic interlocking functional sequences. Important progress and significant added value in terms of: 1) Extension of the applicability area of the ETCS with real and non electronic interlocking with important benefits for the railways and for the roll-out of ETCS, 2) The stability, non-interpretation and formal safety approval of complete spécifications with important added value on cost reduction and re-use of IXL ressources, 3) The safety validation of static and sequential (dynamic) IXL requirements based on instantiated models and exhaustive computer testing using the functional postulates and safety invariants, with the crucial benefit of avoidance of any incipient design failures contrary to safety and shortage of the time and money for application validation

Keywords: Infrastructure, Europe