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Future Railways Mobile Communications Systems Solutions

Project code: P000380

Project director: Marc ANTONI

Project manager: Piero PETRUCCIOLI

Contact: Piero PETRUCCIOLI

GSM-R is a succes story. Railways have selected it on early 90 out of existing technologies, as basis of the new European Railways Digital Radio System. As GSM-R is based on public GSM standard, the technology evolution has a direct impact on its evolution. Broadband introduction in public networks is expected to impact the GSM life cycle, with consequences on GSM-R End of Life, expected at around 2025. Taking into account a period of at least 10 years to define all the technical details of a successor (this was the time for GSM-R itself), the investigation on the system to be world wide adopted as GSM-R inheritor is therefore an urgent need. The project is in line with the UIC strategy of building up and strenghtening harmonized Railway radio communications sytems performances in Europe, keep the pace with the technology advance, while preserving interoperability and protect the investments.

Keywords: Infrastructure, Europe