UIC projects

Broken rail detection

Design, definition and localisation of a "Trackcircuit" for detection of broken rails without detect

Project code: 2016/RSF/502

Project director: Marc ANTONI

Project manager: Alvaro ANDRÉS ALGUACIL


Today on the lines equipped with axle counters or manual block sections, ETCS Level 2 and in the future, on the lines equipped on Level 3, ETCS (L3), on the sections without, physical track circuits, broken rail detection need to be reconsidered. To compensate for the absence of broken rail detection by the classical signalling systems, which is necessary to preserve the same safety level, to increase significantly the track maintenance needs (a higher grinding frequency, more rail replacements and shorter rail replacement period, less track possession times for maintenance...). The project aims to define and demonstrate a new concept of low cost solution, able to be added to the existing lines how solve the permanent broken rail detection.

Keywords: Infrastructure, Europe