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1st International Conference on “Railway Interoperability, Standardisation and Harmonisation for the Middle-East” organised by UIC with Qatar Railways, OTIF and CIT

UIC MERTCe website on line

MERTCe is designed to create a solution to the training needs of railways that are emerging due to rapid developments in our region. It is envisaged that MERTCe will make contributions to the creation of a common railway area in the Middle-East in the medium- and long-term and to the provision of interoperability via training and education.


RAME RAME Regional Assembly for Middle-East UIC Website


Map of UIC Middle-East railways

PDF - 6.8 Mb

Source: UIC Moyen-Orient, juin 2012

The Regional Assembly Middle-East

UIC Middle-East video

UIC Middle-East video IMG/flv/uic_middel_east-160-120.flv

Attached documents

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