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Tasks of Project Manager/Head of Mission

To ensure optimum project-management clarity, the division of tasks as between the project manager and head of mission must be specified from the very outset of each project.

 Project launch

  • Management of project sheet
  • Preparation of budget item-by-item
  • Planning of work batches (under MS Project)
  • Planning of financial/material/human resource utilisation (initial budget planning)

 Technical coordination

- Leadership of project team (organisation of meetings, circulation of agenda/minutes,…)

  • Technical coordination and validation of deliverables
  • Periodical reporting on technical progress

 Monitoring of service providers

  • Preparation of specification – launch of tender call for selection of service provider – sorting and comparison of bids received
  • Validation of selection of service provider and of its technical proposal
  • Validation of contractual terms and conditions
  • Validation of deliverables specified in the contract

 Book and budgetary monitoring

  • Validation of invoices compliant with the invoices and work carried out
  • On receipt of the General Ledger, verification to ensure that expenses brought to account relate to the project
  • Budgetary monitoring : on receipt of the budgetary monitoring statement, he/she checks the commitments specified, and analyses discrepancies observed as well as the annual estimated profit or loss margin
  • End-of-year updating of the statement of charges payable : commitments for which the corresponding invoices are still pending : to return before 15 January of Y+1
  • End-of-year updating of assets inventory ; updating of checklist of furniture, IT equipment, sundry material and tools before 15 January of Y+1.

 Documentary management

Circulation of project information on dedicated site (extranet) :

  • updating of working groups (membership) and their rights of access to documents
  • updating of meetings and related documents
  • updating of working documents

 Dissemination of results

  • Preparation of communication plan
  • Provision of communication inputs to the Communication Department coinciding with each major project phase

 Administrative tasks

  • Monitoring of time spent
  • Room rentals
  • Translation work
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