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Company Codes (RICS)

The company code (also called RICS RICS Company code (also called RICS code or railway code) code or railway code) is a 4 digit code used in various applications to identify a company involved in the railway business.

 Company code and UIC membership

The company code is not strictly related to UIC membership. In order to obtain a company code, UIC members are invited to fill in the separate company allocation form. Non-UIC members may also request a code under the same conditions.

 Code allocation table

The code allocation table is available as an Excel or PDF document providing the allocated company codes sorted by code. The code allocation table is updated regularly (at least every quarter). For each code the name of the company, its acronym of and its full name are published. Updates since the last publication are indicated with an “x” in the column “recent”. Code keepers are kindly advised to check their data and to inform UIC in case of updates or errors (see forms below).

4-Digit Code List (04/03/2014)

Excel 2003 file Code list (xls) {Excel}
PDF file Code list (pdf) {PDF}

Please contact us (oca uic.org) if you would like to be informed by e-mail of new updates.

The 2 digit code-table is obsolete and no longer maintained.

The 2-digit reservation code list with the related accounting code is available here

 Leaflet 920-1

The code is defined in the UIC/OSJD OSJD Organisation for the Collaboration between Railways (OSZhD) Leaflet 920-1 – Version 6 (1/7/2005). This leaflet exists in 3 languages:

Members can download the leaflet by using their user ID and password. Non-members can order the leaflet.

The leaflet 920-1 was updated in 2005 and as of 1 July 2005 the Appendices A and B are no longer valid.


Code allocation forms

A company that wants to apply for one or more company code, should send a code application form to the UIC or the OSJD. Rules are printed on the (back of) the form. Code application forms are available in the following languages:

LanguagesWord filesPDF Files
French Word PDF
German Word PDF
English Word PDF
Russian Word PDF

Code update forms

In case of errors, modifications or withdrawals, an update form should be sent to UIC or the OSJD. These forms can be downloaded in the following languages:

LanguagesWord filesPDF Files
French Word PDF
German Word PDF
English Word PDF
Russian Word PDF

Regulations & FAQ’s

English PDF
Russian PDF
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