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 UIC: the worldwide international organisation of the railway sector

UIC including 197 members across all 5 continents

  • 82 active members (including the railways from Europe, Russia, the Middle East, North Africa, South Africa, India, Pakistan, China, Japan, Korea, Kazakhstan, and companies operating worldwide such as Veolia Transport)
  • 80 associate members (including railways from Asia, Africa, America and Australia)
  • 35 affiliate members (related or ancillary rail transport businesses or services)

UIC members may be:

  • integrated railway companies
  • infrastructure managers
  • railway or combined transport operators, rolling stock and traction leasing companies service providers (restaurant services, sleeping cars, public transport, maritime transport)

 UIC mission and objectives

UIC mission:
to promote rail transport at world level and meet the challenges of mobility and sustainable development.

Main UIC objectives:

  • facilitate the sharing of best practices among members (benchmarking)
  • support members in their efforts to develop new business and new areas of activities
  • propose new ways to improve technical and environmental performance
  • promote interoperability, create new world standards for railways (including common standards with other transport modes)
  • develop centres of competence (High Speed, Safety, Security, e-Business, …)
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