Passenger activities

Intercity and High Speed

Strategic Objectives

Promote the development of efficient integrated rail systems under ideal conditions for UIC members, customers and society, at a particularly historical moment where high speed is developing at an impressive pace around the world.

  1. For UIC members who operate intercity and high speed systems: Provide help in their relationship with authorities, industry, etc.
  2. For UIC members whose high speed and intercity developments are not yet in operation but are under construction or being planned, including certain players (authorities, consultants, etc.): Provide guidelines to implement such rail systems under ideal conditions and to avoid planning errors
  3. For society, contribute towards a better understanding of what high speed rail systems are about and represent, which is much more than simply “a train going faster than another”.

There are two types of activities regarding high speed rail systems:

  1. Activities giving input, information, experiences, etc. (studies, statistics, etc.) useful to UIC members, both those with and without high speed operations;
  2. Activities using that information for the specific benefit of UIC members (training, world congresses, specific cooperation plans, technical workshops, etc.).

At present, activities using information generate new information to be used by the further activities. This is a cyclic process to serve UIC members.


Strategic Objectives

  1. Improve the skills of high level station managers by reorganizing UIC’s station
  2. activities, taking into account the new global requirements of the railway business;
  3. Improve the functionality of stations as a very important and strategic element of the “railway product” for passengers;
  4. Improve the relationship between the railways and the city: architecture, integrating station activities into the city;
  5. Governance (who decides what) and financing models (who pays for what) for stations.

Commercial and Distribution

Strategic Objectives

  1. Enable European distribution of railway tickets in a cost-effective manner for UIC members by taking into account technological development and European regulations;
  2. Cooperation between UIC members in order to provide common IRS (International Railway Solutions) related to all processes of railway distribution – timetables, fares, tariffs, booking, fulfilment
  3. and after sales;
  4. Agreement on IT solutions for telematic applications related to passenger transport;
  5. Establishing a common position on good practice relating to the implementation of
  6. European Rail Passenger Rights Regulation (1371/2007).

Commuter and Regional Train Services (CRTS)

Strategic Objectives

  1. Create and safeguard professional exchange among UIC members related to the operation of suburban and regional passenger rail systems;
  2. Disseminate practical solutions on how to respond to a given problem in the most
  3. cost-effective manner;
  4. Address the interfaces between legal requirements and the practical management
  5. and delivery of suburban and regional passenger rail systems;
  6. Obtain an overview of and insight into existing forms of financing between public
  7. authorities, private investors, client bodies and railway undertakings;
  8. Draw the attention of public authorities and client bodies to UIC.