UIC, USIC & Doctors of the world Join their forces for a charitable action

Official launch of the UIC-USIC-Médecins du Monde charitable campaign: when actors from the Railway, Sports and Health sectors join their forces to support an action of solidarity

UIC and the International Railway Sports Association USIC share a common value: solidarity.
Following the agreement that was signed at the UIC General Assembly in Rome in July 2016 between UIC and USIC, a charitable action will be conducted jointly this year between UIC and USIC, in order to better reflect the values of solidarity that the railway community wishes to develop through sporting events.
During 2017, both organisations will be pooling their strengths to organise various sports challenges across Europe (Bulgaria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, France). All money collected during the USIC challenges will go directly to Médecins du Monde (Doctors of the World).

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The International Railway Sports Union (USIC) is an international, politically-neutral, non-profit organisation. USIC encourages the practice of sport at amateur level amongst railway employees in an atmosphere of camaraderie, in line with the Olympian ideal, and strives to foster a spirit of loyalty, tolerance and democracy. USIC is also the international umbrella body for national railway sporting associations.

USIC organises international railway sporting events, which take place in accordance with the provisions of the relevant sporting rules and laws. USIC actively supports fair, drug-free sport, and recognises national and international anti-doping rules, specifically the World Anti-Doping Code (WADA).

The International Union of Railways (UIC) brings together 200 Members from five continents. Though UIC’s founding remit was to harmonise operating conditions amongst railways at international level, its scope of action has progressively broadened and currently focuses on promoting railways as the most sustainable mode of transport. UIC aims to further international cooperation between its Members, helping to build a joined-up rail system through technical solutions which are harmonised at global level.

UIC supports its Members’ efforts to boost the efficiency, sustainability and cost-effectiveness of rail transport for the benefit of rail customers and society as a whole.

The values guiding UIC in its work are "Unity, Universality, and Solidarity".