Korea Rail Network Authority

Active member

264, Sinan-Dong, Dong Gu


South Korea

accession date: 2002

Last update 2017-09-28

Chairman & CEO
Mr KANG Yeong Il
Executive Auditor
Mr. SEONG Nak-Joon
Executive Vice Chairman
Mr. KIM Sang-Gyun
Executive Director of Construction Headquarter
Mr. OH Byung-Soo
Executive Director of Facilities Operation Headquarter
Mr. JUNG Yeu-Ha
Executive Director of Administration Headquarter
Mr. LEE Bong-Cheol
Executive Director of Overseas Business Headquarter
Mr. KIM Sun-Ho
Executive Director of Engineering & Design Headquarter
Mr. KIM Byeong-Ho
Executive Director of Quality & Safety Headquarter
Mr. LEE Kang
Director of Overseas Business Planning Division
Mr. KIM Do-Won
General Manager of Business Management Team
Mr. SUNG Young-Suk