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Passenger Door System, Alarm System and Communication System: Safety and Standardised Operation

Project code: 2016/RSF/494

Project director: Marc ANTONI

Project manager: Victoria CALLEJA DURO

Contact: Victoria CALLEJA DURO

Problem to solve • Safety related issues: passenger doors are the first cause of accident for passengers. • Assure and assess reliable functionalities and uniformity of behavior. Define the minimum operation requirements profiles for Door, Passenger Alarm and Passenger Communication System. • Supply to the UIC Members the technical basis upon which to develop the UIC – IEC cooperation and harmonisation of standards on these items agreed between IEC and UIC: the project is needed to define Railway Operating Companies requirements about these topics. • Unification of the different interfaces of the train access door system and of the on-board alarm and communication systems. • Improve and simplify technical and operation management of these train subsystems. Benefits • Accessibility to standardised and interchangeable components. • Reduced number of spare parts and testing procedures. • Simplified maintenance of door systems, even for non homogeneous fleets (troubleshooting, training, testing). • Harmonisation/Unification of door operation. Definition of the common levels and categories of operation and safety evaluation. • Harmonisation/Unification of operation and establishment of full specified levels of safety for Door Systems and for Alarm and Passenger Communication Systems. • Standardisation of the interfaces of the Systems. • Availability of multiple source suppliers.

Keywords: Technology, Asia, Europe, Middle East