Border Crossings

BIRC Working group

Border crossing – International Railway Corridors

The BIRC working group was created in Warsaw in 18–19 February 2013.

The aim of the WG is to study the issues related to railway cargo and passenger transportation at border crossing all along the Eurasian space in order to improve the safety and security in this area.

This working group is composed of 3 subgroups:

  • 1st subgroup: “Security-International Freight Corridor” Coordinated by CCTT: Council for Transsiberian Transportation
  • 2nd subgroup: “Security-International Passenger Corridor” Coordinated by FPC: Federal Passenger Company
  • 3rd subgroup: “Security-Borders Crossing” Coordinated by SOK: Railway Security Guard

Leaflets published in 2014:

Security of International freight transport within the East-West
Corridor - led by CCTT (Coordinating Council on Trans-Siberian Transportation)

Security of International passenger transport within the East-West
Corridor - led by - FPC (in Russia)

Security of Border Crossings - led by PKP PLK (in Poland)