European Railways ready to support Ukrainian Railways and develop digitalization

During the CEOs Summit 2022 held in Vienna, a joint declarations on Ukraine and railways’ digitalization were presented. This is a clear signal that the railways in Europe show solidarity with the Ukrainian Railways and are ready to support them.

Mr. Krzysztof Mamiński – CEO of PKP S.A. and the UIC Chairman took part in the annual Summit of European Railways Presidents (CEO Summit 2022). The event was held on 8-9 July in Vienna, on the initiative of Andreas Matthä - CEO of ӦBB. About 30 heads of European railways participated in the event.
The main topics discussed during various types of meetings taking place as part of the event (meetings, press conference) were the war in Ukraine and digitization. In a joint statement, the chairmen of the railways declared their solidarity with the Ukrainian Railways and their readiness to support them after the war.
European Railways have previously been actively involved in the transportation and provisioning of displaced persons, and several joint initiatives have been successfully implemented to deliver humanitarian loads. Due to changes in rail traffic, the railways face a particular challenge today, also in the field of freight, especially raw materials and grain. This is an area where further, close cooperation with all European railways is also necessary.
The heads of European railways agree that they must cooperate in order to rebuild the railway system in Ukraine and its infrastructure after the war. European railways can contribute to this by providing the necessary materials and technical expertise.

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Tuesday 19 July 2022