UIC World Security Congress – welcome speech by Mr. Mamiński, President of UIC & CEO PKP

UIC World Security Congress – welcome speech by Mr. Mamiński, President of UIC & CEO PKP

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to extend a very warm welcome to all of you at today’s meeting.

I also extend my greetings to:

  • Mr. Maciej Małecki – State Secretary at Ministry of National Assets
  • Mr. François DAVENNE – DG UIC

Innovative safety and security solutions for railway is the theme of the 17th UIC National Security Congress, which begins today here in Warsaw and is hosted by Polskie Koleje Państwowe. Security is an extremely important topic for me - both as the President of the Polish State Railways, but also as the CEO of PKP.

We work every day to make travel by rail safe and comfortable. The experience of recent years has also shown us that we should consider railway security in areas such as:

  • Potential terrorist threat in the transport sector;
  • Rail transportation security and resilience in times of pandemic;
  • Threats posed by the constantly changing geopolitical situation.

When it comes to countering the threat of terrorism, both UIC and PKP Group give this matter due importance. It was at the initiative of PKP that an EU project in this area was initiated and then implemented under the backing of UIC, enabling us to effectively develop concrete solutions in the European railway sector to improve security.

The pandemic reality has made it clear to all of us that rail has been and continues to be the most resilient mode of transportation. This is the undeniable value of railway, which is already being recognized at both the political, social and economic levels. UIC has played a very important role in this regard by coordinating and sharing of best practices among railways.

The issue we are discussing today is extremely important, particularly in the context of events beyond Poland’s eastern border, which is also the border of the European Union. Security issues in today’s unstable world are crucial to the functioning of both sovereign states and key sectors of their economies. The events of recent months have confirmed how important a role railroads play in the delivery of humanitarian and economic aid to war-affected regions and the transport of refugees.

The past years and recent months, both due to the crisis caused by the pandemic and the current situation related to the Russian aggression against Ukraine, have been a test for the UIC and the entire railroad sector. This is an extremely important test, which - in my opinion - railroads passed very well. We have proved that as an organisation and the whole railroad industry we can be united and solidary. We have confirmed that the values on which the UIC is based - Unity, Solidarity and Universality - are timeless.

I am convinced that, as the PKP, we also do have a special role to play in this field, both in supporting Ukraine and in acting internationally.

Ladies and gentleman, we meet today to talk about improving rail security, and there is no security without innovation.

Innovation is one of the fundamental drivers for the development of any organization, including railroad companies. This also applies to the area of security. And in this context I would like to stress the great importance of the International Union of Railways, which in every crisis strives to unite railwaymen from all continents, at the same time encouraging the sharing of knowledge and experiences of individual members. As I mentioned earlier, such a form of cooperation and exchange of experience definitely contributes to the creation of new ways of operating, but also facilitates decision-making in the face of a crisis. An important role in this respect was played by the work and activities of the Covid-19 and Refugee task forces.

Now more than ever, rail transport has a key role to play, not only in Poland, but worldwide. We are facing huge challenges related to, among others, digitalization, development of railroad infrastructure, ensuring interoperability and, of course, safety and security. Polish State Railways offers its experience and promotes development of innovative concepts in the field of, among others, station management and property maintenance. Consistent reconstruction program of railway stations all over Poland is of great importance for the improvement of security of these facilities, but also for the passengers’ sense of security. We share our experiences and good practices with other UIC members, but we are also willing to learn from their knowledge and experience.

Our common goal is to promote the advantages of rail and make it more attractive in the eyes of all decision makers. We want more people and companies to use our services. Rail is the most ecological, but also the safest mode of transport.

Rail is also about the people who create it and use it. Our role is also to prepare the next generation to work in a modern, innovative and safe structure that will improve the quality of life and travel by working together on a global level.

The rail sector faces many challenges in terms of ensuring safety and security in its broadest sense. Nevertheless, we can already state that in this aspect it is on the right track.

I wish you fruitful discussions and a broad exchange of experiences, which, I am convinced, will initiate important innovations for the railway sector in the area of security.

Krzysztof Mamiński

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Monday 27 June 2022