Friday 20 February 2009

Structural Expert Team meeting n°3

(22 January 2009)

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The meeting of UIC Sector Expert Team (SET) 03, “Freight related items”, was held on 22 January under the chairmanship of Mr Stefano Guidi (TRENITALIA). Regarding the meetings of the PTR bodies in September and November 2008, Mr Guidi mentioned that the “Coupling rod, Phase II” and “Leaflet 421” projects had been approved. Work for the new projects could now begin, however their budgets would have to be readjusted. Leaflet 518 was approved and would be published by mid-2009.

Beside further discussions were carried out concerning the status of current and new projects:

- Regarding the status of the “Development of a programme for calculating longitudinal dynamics in freight trains” (TRAINDY), Dr Lars Müller reported that the verification of the entire system wascompleted. The certification document was signed by the Programme Manager and the Director of the T&R Department.

The final report, B177.4/RP2 “Simulationsprogramm zur Längsdynamik der Züge

- Entwicklungsbericht zum Simulationsprogramm TrainDy” [Simulation programme for the longitudinal dynamics of trains – Status report on the TrainDy simulation programme] is currently being prepared, and the written approval procedure has begun and is due to be completed by late February 2009.

The creation of a consortium for the targeted improvement of the programme and its acceptance by international railways was approved. The framework conditions for the creation of a consortium are currently being defined.

gramme would be its initial use for the development of UIC Leaflet 421, with the aim of broadening the scope of the current train consist regulations in UIC Leaflet 421 to include train loads of over 1,200 t. Moreover, the programme has recently been used successfully in determining the cause of an accident.

Representatives of the Freight Forum have shown great interest in the further development of Leaflet 421, especially regarding the increase in tonnage. The Freight Forum’s corresponding proposals for modifications would be given particular notice in the development of Leaflet 421.

- A feasibility study for the revision of regulations concerning test conditions for freight traffic was discussed and the time frame postponed from 2009/2010 to 2010/2011 for budgetary reasons. The individual work packages were discussed and specified.

- Regarding the “Y/Q = 0.8 limit value” project, the final report, B12/RP76 “Y/Q limit value: study into the suitability of a Y/Q limit value of 0.8 for empty wagons” had been submitted for approval. Having assessed the investigation results, the experts came to the conclusion that the limit value Q/Y = 8.8 would be retained. However, due to a lack of information on other bogies and vehicle types for new articulated wagons, the Y/Q data would be processed according to the conditions in C138 (C138/RP9 Report) from the 1980s. Otherwise the limit value would have to be increased.

Work was concluded late 2007, with proposed amendments to UIC Leaflet 423 and the addition to Chapter of UIC Leaflet 518. The “Y/Q limit value = 0.8” project was fini- shed and a summary of the results will be published in the B12/RP76 Report in March 2009.

Moreover, UIC leaflets were discussed as follows:

- A new UIC Leaflet 592, which concerns the load units ranking among semi-trailers in combined transport, was accepted and will be submitted to the PTR for approval.
- Regarding the status of UIC Leaflet 571-4 “Standard wagons - Wagons for combined transport - Characteristics”: the removal of the requirement for carrying wagons to have SS braking systems in combined transport was reported.
- Regarding UIC Leaflet 533, “Vehicles, protection by earthing of metal parts” a proposed amendment was accepted without objections.
- The proposed amendment to UIC Leaflet 572, “Wagons composed of permanently coupled units (multiple wagons) and articulated wagons” was presented.

The next meeting of SET 03 will take place on 16 June 2009 at UIC in Paris.

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