Information published on 20 April 2009 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 140.

Interactive Workshop on the Informational Signalling for harmonization and convergence of concepts


The Interactive Workshop on the Informational Signalling for harmonization and convergence of concepts – examples drawn up from ETCS and PTC which took place in Malaga on 2nd of April 2009, has positively concluded on the utility of new concepts in the signaling domain and confirmed the roadmap of the harmonization and convergence of the signaling systems. The workshop has introduced the concept of applying the information science in the Global Signaling initiative of the UIC. This has raised up significant interest for the use of information models of signaling concepts and of their concrete realizations which are capable of providing:
• The practical vision on commonalities and differences between different systems
• The identification of technology use ad hence, the highlight of the migration problems and opportunities to use the leading technologies in “digital era” of signaling systems
• The approach to converging vision of the future signaling systems with obvious advantages in the domains of harmonized future oriented specifications, use of leading technologies, creation of an enlarged area of design, procurement and operation in alleviated interoperability conditions

Presentations have been delivered by George Barbu – UIC – “Unified Signalling Information Concept for harmonisation and convergence”, Maurizio Rosi – ANSALDO STS – “ETCS baseline conception: Interoperability & Flexibility”, Alan Polivka - Assistant Vice President Communications, Train Control & Information Technologies Transportation Technology Center, Inc.Pueblo, Colorado - USA – “ Positive Train Control (PTC) Conception and Implementation” and Poul Froesig – UIC - ETCS &ERTMS regional project overview, background & future”.

To the workshop have participated signalling engineers, representatives of the supply industry and specialists in telecommunication and IT technology. Animated discussions have concluded on the actual opportunities to promote the convergent baseline of the modern conceptions of the signalling systems. The roadmap provides concrete actions to follow on international level in order to achieve the harmonised requirements for the kernel requirements.

For more information please contact George Barbu, Senior Advisor Signalling, IT & Satellite Navigation: