Wednesday 13 May 2009

Security Platform

Working Group on New Technologies: 2nd meeting (Rome, 4 May 2009)

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At the invitation of FS, the second meeting of the Working Group on New Technologies, chaired by Franco Fiumara, was held in Rome. The meeting was attended by European security managers (CP, DBAG, FS, PKP, RFI, SNCF) as well as Asian security managers (IR and JR).

Security strategies need to be supported by appropriate technologies designed to meet the specific needs of the rail sector. Therefore, the group’s key objective is to develop a genuine customer platform to respond to proposals from the security supply industry, in order to ensure that the technological solutions developed are tailored to the specific features of the rail sector in an optimum manner.

After welcoming participants, the chairman of the group, Franco Fiumara, explained the basic principles and expected goals of the Group.

Stefano de Muro (RFI) presented two impressive systems designed to protect the Italian infrastructure. The first, called MASS (Movable Advanced Security System), is a special wheeled vehicle equipped with high-technology systems that can be used as a mobile “control room”. The second is a new instrument called the “Unmanned Air Vehicle", which serves a highly useful purpose in monitoring critical areas.

Tommaso Palumbo, an Italian police officer, described the organisational setup implemented in Italy to prevent and control cybercrime in the field of rail transport.

Updated information on the PROTECTRAIL project, submitted to the EU Commission as part of the FP7 (7th Framework Programme for research and technological development), was also presented by Vito Siciliano, the consortium coordinator (ANSALDO).

The “SAFER” project, an Italian innovative project funded by the Ministry, was presented by Antonio Ruggieri (ANSALDO). The project aims to develop sensors processing the data sent to control rooms in order to define risk scenarios for the rail system.

Michael Trauboth (DBAG) presented the “SinoVE” project, which is supported by Germany’s Federal Ministry of the Interior. The objective is to develop a software product to support Deutsche Bahn’s security staff and the German police.

Marie-Hélène Bonneau (UIC) presented the various research projects in which the UIC Competence Centre for Security is involved (PROTECTRAIL – RAILPROTECT – VIDEOID, etc.). She underlined the importance of state-of-the-art security technologies, and of providing the supply industry with the railways’ recommendations and a definition of their needs.

Railways deploy considerable effort to seek out new technologies which are both user-friendly for the rail environment and cost effective. To facilitate this work, Franco Fiumara proposed that participants complete a questionnaire for the next meeting in order to share best practices and experience in the use of new technologies to improve the security of the rail system.

Presentations are available in the dedicated Security workspace on the UIC Extranet at

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