Wednesday 29 April 2009

UIC ERTMS Platform: ÖBB Infrastructure and ÖBB Traction are actively contributing to the UIC ERTMS Implementation Benchmark study

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The Vienna-Budapest – ERTMS/ETCS level 1 trackside project - 67 km of double track (Austrian section) - ÖBB started the tendering process in 2001. In 2006, it was put in operation after 3 phases of implementation (ERTMS equipment implementation, connection with PZB/LZB and connection with the Hungarian system). Since 2008 it has been in service on the Austrian part of the line.

From the rolling stock side, in the same contract as for infrastructure, ÖBB Traction contracted the on-board equipment of n. 13 “1116 Locomotives” with the same industrial suppliers. Both projects were object of two case studies in the frame of the UIC ERTMS implementation benchmark on 16 and 17 April in Vienna.

Messrs Friedrich Cerny (ÖBB Infrastructure) and Helmut Forstner (ÖBB Traction) met in Vienna with Paolo de Cicco (UIC) and Martin Mayer (PMP) on the subject.

The global data collection phase will be closed by the end of April; a critical mass of information is being reached. The following case studies have been already scheduled – for the near future - with OSE/ERGOSE (Greek railways) and ZSR/ZS Cargo (Slovak railways). An operative workshop, among benchmark members, will be held at UIC/Paris on 19 May next to decide how to deal with confidential data and how to design the final report - to be made available by the end of June 09.

The UIC ERTMS Platform main objective is strongly focused on the development of managerial and technical strategies to foster a viable migration for ERTMS, compliant with the whole railway sector interests. The interchange of information between its Members and share the feedback from the current implementations are ongoing activities that, together with the dissemination of national implementation plans and strategies, form an essential part of each Platform meeting.

For more information please contact Paolo de Cicco, UIC ERTMS Platform manager:

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