Wednesday 17 June 2009
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7th Central Eastern European Assembly (Paris, 16 June)

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On the 16th of June 2009, in UIC, the 7th Central Eastern European Assembly took place in UIC, Paris.

Meeting was hosted together by Oliver Sellnick, UIC Director of Railway Undertakings Department, and Jan Grabowski, UIC Manager for Central and Eastern Europe.

Representatives from all the countries participating in the meeting were satisfied after hearing the joint plan for cooperation between CER and UIC advisers who are responsible for CEEC matters and have asked for even closer cooperation UIC-CER in both political and technical levels regarding CEE.

Provisional budget proposal for 2010 were presented during the meeting.

Participants have also exchanged the opinions in how to deal with the economic downturn.

Next meeting is planned to take place in Paris, in December 2009.

FOr more information please contact Jan Grabowski:

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