Information published on 17 June 2009 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 146.

G4 group of railways meeting (Sarajevo, 28-29 May)

G4 group of railways meeting took place in Sarajevo, on 28-29 of May 2009.
High lever representatives from Central and South Eastern European railways were discussing the impact of an economic downturn which already caused a decrease of 20% in the freight business.

The international railway organizations were represented by Jan Grabowski, UIC Manager for Central and Eastern Europe and CER passenger adviser Ákos Érsek.
Mr Grabowski presented the projects that are relevant for SEEC, in ex. the Market Oriented Concept of International Passenger Services in SEE (MAPSEE) which is now in Phase 1 and Phase 2 is expacted to start late June/early July 2009.

Another project presented by UIC representative was an Expert brainstorming - training of the passenger trains staff (how to act in front of passengers, how to help etc) in the Balkan Region that should start Autumn 2009.
Mr Érsek gave an overview of the European rail-legislative dossiers with relevance to G4 railways: the focus was put on changes in the legislative framework for passenger railways.

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