Tuesday 15 September 2009
Railway History

Railway heritage in Slovakia: restoration of historic armoured train

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The idea to restore and put back on rails the insurrectional “Improvised armoured train Stefanik” (IAT Stefanik) was put forward some years ago by employees of SNP Museum in Banska Bystrica, Slovak Republic, in connection with the preparation of the 65th anniversary celebration of Slovak national uprising (SNP).

From June 2009 ten men of different professions –members of the Historical Technique club of Zvolen as well as several railwaymen- carried out the restoration works of these historic railway vehicles with the objective of bringing back the “IAT Stefanik” train into operation. Inauguration of the restored train took place on 21 August in presence of chairmen of the railway undertakings, museum representatives and many guests (source: ZSR).

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