Thursday 29 October 2009
Forthcoming events

Worskhop on the Loads and Stresses on Running Gear, SNCF Technicentre of Hellemmes (Lille, France), December 9th, 2009

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We are pleased to announce that UIC, in partnership with SNCF Technicentre of Hellemmes, will organise a workshop dedicated to the presentation of the results of the project « Loads and Stresses on Running Gear » and their possible applications on the maintenance and the sustainability of running gear.

The workshop will consist of two parts : presentation of the results in the morning session and visit of the wheelset maintenance workshop of Hellemmes SNCF Technicentre in the afternoon.

A link and more info on the subject will be made available very soon via the link to the schedule of meetings on UIC home page.

For more information please contact Isabelle de Keyser:

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