Thursday 12 November 2009

9th UIC Terminology Group Meeting held in Paris on 20-21 October 2009

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The UIC Terminology Group, consisting of terminologists, translators, international affairs managers and technical experts, held its 9th annual meeting at UIC headquarters in Paris on 20-21 October.

Within the framework of the Terminology Group, UIC terminologists are coordinating the translation work for 25 languages. They are also responsible for updating the RailLexic database, for publishing the CD-ROM “RailLexic” with more than 20 languages and for editing the trilingual printed “UIC Railway Dictionary” in English, French and German.

This year’s Terminology Group meeting prepared the way for an online version of the RailLexic database. The online version will make searching for terms and definitions much easier and does not require the installation of any software. Access to the online version will be provided to UIC Members in the near future.

Paul Véron, UIC Director of Communications gave an update to Terminology Group members on the changes that UIC had undergone in its recent past and he also spoke about the outlook for the future.

Members of the Terminology Group also appreciated a presentation by the Council of Europe Head of Terminology Office, Patrick Adjedj, about how terminology and translation work was organized at the Council.

A new version of the CD-ROM, “RailLexic 4.0”, will be published in the months to come. In this version, additional languages, Arabic and Norwegian, will be added. A further two languages, Croatian and Turkish, are being prepared for a later version.

Lively discussion took place regarding the new software for this CD-ROM and the database management programme. As a result of the discussion most wishes of members were met.

The workshop on the second day gave participants the opportunity to discuss in detail functionalities and features of the new terminology software with a representative of the software company.

All in all, it was a fruitful meeting where all the participants contributed to its success.

For more information, please contact Rosalinde Taucher, UIC Terminologist:

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From left to right: Birgit Hoppe, UIC, Patrick Adjedj, Council of Europe and Rosalinde Taucher, UIC
From left to right: Birgit Hoppe, UIC, Rosalinde Taucher, UIC and Paul Véron, UIC