Thursday 3 December 2009
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Future standard driver’s desk: EUDDplus tests in Wildenrath (Siemens test center)

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EUDDplus project follows the EUCAB tests realised in MODTRAIN project.
Siemens test Center in Wildenrath (close to Aachen) hosted the EUDDplus tests during October 2009 (ending 4th of December 2009).

Drivers from 9 European countries have tested the functionalities of a driver’s desk paving the future of the standard driver’s desk.

Each driver started with exercises on a simulator displaying all functionalities of the driver’s desk to be tested on the locomotive Alstom Prima EL II.

The training is preparing the necessary skill to drive on a real track with the Prima EL II equipped with the same driver’s desk. For example, the use of the DAC (Driver Activity Control) has to be integrated and assimilated before the tests on real track. At the end of the simulator test, the first comments of the driver are noted concerning e.g. the ergonomics.

Different scenarios are prepared to check on the locomotive all aspects of the driver’s desk in real situation. The use of a test ring (without any interference with other traffic) allows checking a driver’s desk in complete safe situation.
The use of “eye tracking” camera completes the tests focusing attention on the elements mainly observed. At the end of the tests, the driver answer to a list of questions (managed by ergonomists) to obtain the more precise idea concerning the perfect harmony between the driver and his tool. The Human Factor Interfaces are an important aspect of Operation.

The results of this expertise will be carefully analysed by Operators and Industrials to adjust the realisation actually on progress in TecRec Cab and CEN WG 37.

The results of EUDDplus will be presented in a final conference to be held in Berlin on 27th of January 2010. UIC will organise also a conference on the driver’s desk in the next months.

For more information please contact Francis Delooz:

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