Wednesday 16 December 2009
Proximity with UIC members

Chinese delegation visits UIC

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A Chinese Delegation visited UIC on 14th December. It was formed by Mrs Zhang Yanfang, Deputy Director of the Foreign Capital & Technical Import Center of the Ministry of Railways (MOR), Mr. Cui Yan, Director of Customer of the Management Department of Transport Bureau (MOR), Mr. Xu Feiyue, Deputy Director for the Joint Venture Department (MOR), Mr. Xu Ke, Deputy Director of the Passenger Service in Shanghai and Mr. Wang Huaixiang, Director of Transport & Economics of the Chinese Academy of Railway Sciences (CARS).

They met Mr. Iñaki Barrón, Director of the UIC Passenger Department, Mr. Hu Lingling, UIC Senior Advisor, Mr. Dirk Oelschlaeger, Senior Advisor for Passenger and Mr. Mikaël Lannoy, Senior Advisor for Stations.

After some general introduction about UIC and the activity on Passenger, High Speed and Stations, discussions were carried on the process of rail liberalization being implemented in Europe.

Further contact will be carried in the future, in order to extend the cooperation between MOR, CARS and UIC, especially regarding the organization of the World Congress on High Speed (“UIC-HighSpeed”), which will be held in Beijing from 7 to 9 December 2010.

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