Wednesday 27 January 2010
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France : Pierre Blayau, newly in direct command of SNCF’s Rail Freight Transport Unit, appoints Sylvie Charles as Director of SNCF Freight

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SNCF has set itself the major challenge of re-establishing environmentally-friendly freight services.

The new master plan for environmentally-friendly freight services, drawn up with Luc Nadal, was presented to the SNCF Board of Directors in September 2009 by Chairman Guillaume Pepy and Pierre Blayau. The strategy decided at the meeting has since been confirmed and has received strong backing by public authorities.
The plan will be implemented with rigour, without delay, with full confidence in the managerial staff, and in close collaboration with social partners and clients.

The teams are to focus on the five aims stated in the master plan:

1) The future of freight
2) SNCF Freight’s plan for change and development
3) The implementation of a European freight plan
4) The implementation of a reliable system of production, updated in collaboration with our partner RFF,
5) Making SNCF Freight a force to be reckoned with in combined transport

Pierre Blayau has chosen to be directly involved, with the approval of the Chairman of SNCF. It is vital that everyone at SNCF, whether directly involved in this Freight project or auxiliary to it, get on board and play their part. Ensuring this will therefore be Pierre Blayau’s core task.

This choice will result in the teams being reorganised and tasks redefined from 1 February 2010.

Pierre Blayau is to take over the Rail Freight Transport Unit, formerly under Luc Nadal, while still in his capacity as Chief Executive and Chairman of the Board of SNCF Geodis.

He is to manage the unit with the help of Sylvie Charles under his direct authority, the latter now Chairwoman of the STVA Board and appointed Director of SNCF Freight.

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