Information published on 15 February 2010 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 172.

Invitation to the ERRAC EWG WP06 Workshop, Brussels, 18 March 2010 (Venue to be confirmed soon)

The overall scope of the WP6 Evaluation Working Group, within the ERRAC ROADMAP Project, is to bring forward and enhance the work done in providing essential information and tools on lessons learnt from the evaluation of past projects, to allow relevant rail related stakeholders and roadmap producers to make better choices and decisions, to achieve a more effective and measurable success of future rail research projects, both in terms of a systemic-oriented use of resources and in terms of concrete outcomes and real market uptake, for the future evolution of the rail industry.

During the past years, a great number of rail research projects have been funded by the European Commission in previous Framework Programmes, and billions of euros have been spent to this end. Yet it has not been easy to gain full awareness of all the relevant research that has been carried out. Valuable research results are often lost and the risk of overlapping and/or of generating redundant rail project initiatives is significant.

A good process of thinking in advance, based on lessons learnt from other projects, can lead to a much better focus that can guarantee concrete market uptake, for the future rail industry and market in general.

You are therefore warmly invited to the forthcoming Workshop organised by the Evaluation Working Group of the ERRAC ROADMAP project, for 18 March 2010 in Brussels, (venue to be confirmed), to gain insight on lessons learnt from project evaluations and share opinions and contributions to the discussion on more efficient use of resources for the way forward.

The draft Agenda of the workshop can be found at:

Please confirm your presence to Elena.Garcia-Sagues lto:
Elena.Garcia-Sagues@CER.BE by the 22nd of February.