Thursday 25 February 2010
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Italy: Broadband Internet and Wi-Fi on the Italian High Speed Trains “Frecciarossa”

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On board the Italian high speed trains “Frecciarossa” it will soon be possible to phone and surf the Internet, safe in the knowledge that connections and high quality standards will be maintained throughout the journey.
Mauro Moretti, CEO of FS Group, and Franco Bernabé of Telecom Italia, signed an agreement on the installation of a broadband web access and Wi-Fi connection that can be used simultaneously with a Smartphone, net book or any other device. Frecciarossa will also be equipped with a on board server with which passengers can enter the train portal to access news of the major online newspapers, TV programmes, films on request, music and videos, weather, traffic information, games, mobile ticketing, taxi booking and car rentals. Half the fleet will be equipped within the year, the other half by summer 2011

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