Thursday 4 March 2010
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1st UIC Rail System Forum Steering Board (Paris, 3 March 2010)

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The first Steering Board of the UIC Rail System Forum, established following the UIC General Assembly on December 8 last, was held on 3 March at UIC in the presence of numerous participants. The Steering Board was opened by Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, UIC Director General, who paid tribute to the open and positive cooperation from Mr. Andrew McNaughton, Joachim Mayer and Gerard Dalton. He extended another welcome to Emilio Maestrini from the Italian Railways (FS Group) as Director of the new Railway System Department at UIC HQ, Paris.

This new UIC international integration body, bringing together member representatives, links the various interfaces between infrastructure and rolling stock, and replaces the previous “UIC Infrastructure Forum” as well as the “Technical and Research” and “ERTMS” Platforms. The new UIC forum has a pivotal role to play in ensuring that – on an international scale – there is consistency across the whole railway system. It therefore encompasses a host of sectors including Track, Vehicle Dynamics, Operations, Command Control and Signalling, Energy Management, Rolling Stock, Infrastructure Assessment and Research.

Jean-Pierre Loubinoux underlined the importance of the Rail System Forum in an atomising rail sector and the need for an understanding of the railways as a system in all areas, from safety to maintenance, security to performance, dynamics to logistics, traction to assets,etc. He reminded participants that UIC is a technical platform working in the interests of all its members and also at the request of CER and EIM through the Coordination Technical Group (CTG) for European political priorities. Jean-Pierre Loubinoux took precisely this opportunity to also welcome the participation of Libor Lochman (CER) and Michael Robson (EIM).

More information on this 1st Rail System Forum Steering Board in the next UIC e-News.

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