Tuesday 16 March 2010
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Switzerland: Reorganisation of services within the SBB Group

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At its last meeting, SBB’s Board of Directors adopted organisational changes. The current tasks held by the General Secretariat are to be divided among areas of management and existing services. The group’s communications department will henceforth incorporate the new Public and Governmental Affairs Unit, the Rail Environment Centre and the Central Translation Service.

From 1 July 2010, the current communications unit will be renamed “Communications and Public Affairs”. The new unit will take over the Rail Environment Centre as well as the Translation Service. These changes will take effect with the arrival of Stefan Nünlist who is to succeed Werner Nuber as Head of Communications. Furthermore, SBB Communications will encompass the Public and Governmental Affairs Unit responsible for all relations with the federal and cantonal authorities, parliament, political parties and interest groups, as well as international relations. The unit will also integrate the development and implementation of SBB’s national and international regulatory strategies. It will be managed by Bernhard Meier, Head of the General Secretariat ad interim since mid-December 2009. The new organisation translates the desire to strengthen SBB’s relations with the authorities and political organisations both on a national and international level.

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