Tuesday 30 March 2010
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2nd Traffic Management & Control-Command Signalling TM & CCS (Tokyo, 7-9 June 2010)

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UIC is pleased to invite you to attend the 2nd Global Conference on Traffic Management & Control-Command Signalling which will be held in Tokyo from 7 to 9 June 2010.

The second international Traffic Management and Control-Command Signalling technologies and development is organised by UIC with the support of JR-East. The conference belongs to the periodic events – every two years –agreed at the UIC world level, as an expression of tight cooperation in the field of signalling systems. The Conference is the second event on the subject of world development of traffic management and control command signalling, following to the Conference in Istanbul, in October 2008.

The conference aims at enabling open, relevant and comprehensive information exchange on the state of the art, technologies, future needs and requirements and vision on the future signalling systems. The Conference joints together signalling specialists around the world and also representative of major industries and developing centres.

The scope of the conference is to provide the railway signalling domain with a clear vision and development tendency showing concrete convergence on a core system capable of:

- satisfying the basic needs and requirements for signalling evolution in the vehicle-rail transportation system,
- enabling the inclusion and satisfaction of specific needs and requirements urged from the particular traffic and train operations, regional developments, national inheritance, other such considerations,
- creating a large knowledge and supply base for the systems’ evolution techniques and technologies,
- starting a win-win process in the users – manufacturers relation, where understanding of requirements and competition shall be supporting the use of market leading technologies and migration based on large technology developments.

It is expected that this Conference will generate a lot of interest from many parts of the world and is being offered free of charge to participants, due to the kind sponsorship of our host, the East Japan Railways, JR-East.

Early reservation will be essential to secure a place as overall numbers of participants will be limited.

Looking forward to your participation at this stimulating Conference in Tokyo.

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