Tuesday 6 April 2010
Forthcoming events

ERTMS: UIC ERTMS Training Programme 2010 (23 to 25 June at UIC Headquarters in Paris)

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This training session is targeted at managers in decision-making posts in transport sector in general and the railways in particular. It is also targeted at future ERTMS experts in countries planning to implement ERTMS in the near future.

Extra European countries implementing ERTMS components may also be interested in learning more about latest developments of this technology.

The objective of this training course is to give a complete overview of the ERTMS in all its features:

background and legal framework and European Railway Agency control process
how it works and what are its components (ETCS European Train Control System, GSM-R Global System for Mobile Communications-Railways, Interlockings)
experience gained by commercial application (ETCS, GSM-R)
ERTMS system evolution and specific solutions (ERTMS Regional, Limited Supervision, In-fill…)
new generation of interlockings and methodologies for capturing and simulating their functional requirements
added value of ERTMS for a sustainable transport system (capacity, safety, economics…)
It is also an ideal opportunity to form an international network with counterparts.

Target groups

managers in decision-making posts in the transport sector in general and in the railways in particular
staff of ministries and local authorities
academic institutions, consultants and associations or organisations

All information, practical details and online registration at:


contact: ertms@uic.org

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