Tuesday 20 April 2010
Rail Freight

Meeting Loading Rules working group on 12 and 14 April by UIC HQ Paris

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Over 20 experts from UIC Railways involved in Rail Freight Traffic were sitting together to exchange best practices, sharing experience and validating proposals to common rules to be fulfilled by the loading of goods in various type of wagons. Even two delegates from wagon keeper companies were this time attending.
They were dealing with principles and guidelines precisely drafted per type of good to be loaded in wagons.

In one subgroup for instance, some specialists in Timber and Paper studied the proposal of using a new non-skid packing material.

All the participants agreed to use more often the EXTRANET UIC for their own work and to disseminate more easily these common rules and guide lines for the loading of wagons.

Please note that at the end of this year a new amendment of the loading guide lines will be issued.

These guide lines are the reference and the standard backed on experience for the whole industry. There is no other directive nor EU Norm which gives some much insurance for safety of goods and transports.

For any further information please contact Jozef Fazik: fazik@uic.org

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