Monday 24 May 2010
Combined Traffic

Executive Meeting of the Combined Transport Group (Bern, 19 May)

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On 19 May, the Combined Transport Group (GTC) held its Executive Meeting in Bern at the invitation of BLS.
On this occasion, Eric Peetermans, Chairman of the GTC, and Rainer Wilke, Chairman of Raildata, signed a MOU which outlines the conditions under which the real time tracking and tracing application for block trains (USE-IT) developed by the GTC, is being handed over to Raildata. This hand over represents the wish of the GTC members to offer their customers an environment which can provide round the clock support. Raildata also offers UIC members the possibility of a one stop for IT applications ranging from wagon monitoring to full train monitoring.
Both Mr Peetermans and Mr Wilke welcomed the initiative and stressed their wish to develop UIC’s IT products even further.

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From left to right: Rainer Wilke, Chairman of Raildata and Eric Peetermans, SNCB, Chairman of the GTC, signing the MoU in Bern