Thursday 10 June 2010
Regional Activities / Asia

7th UIC Asian Management Committee and 9th Asian Regional Assembly successfully held in Tokyo, Japan, on 9 June

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The 7th Asian Management Committee (AMC) and the 9th Asian Regional Assembly (ARA) were held in Tokyo, Japan, on 9 June at the kind invitation of JR-East, within the UIC Statutory meetings.

An active participation (numerous members from Japan, Korea, China, Russia, Kazakhstan, India, Mongolia and Malaysia) showed a keen interest in Asian activities and the dynamism of this region.

It was also the opportunity for the Asian Members to exchange in a concrete and consensual way. They were able to begin discussing the 2011 projects with full transparency and clarity, improving networking activities.

The results of the survey ( concerning the needs of Asian members opened new perspectives for the development of the UIC Asian region activities. The areas with potential development are as follows:

  • System interfaces and Standardisation,
  • Multi-regional benchmarking,
  • Cost savings (daily operations)
  • Signalling and system control.

There are also specific issues identified (safety, rolling stock design, harmonisation of procedures, etc.) depending on the part of the region.

The AMC and ARA meetings gave a positive impression and a constructive perception for the future development of the Asian region.

For more information please contact Vincent Vu, UIC Coordinator for UIC Asia:

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