Monday 19 July 2010
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Russia: Rail line from Adler to Sochi Airport to open in 2012

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Russian Railways is building a rail line from Adler to Sochi Airport. The new intermodal line will ensure comfortable high-speed transport for guests and participants at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. The estimated capacity of the line will be more than 86,000 people per day, or up to 60% of all air passengers travelling to the Olympics. The line is scheduled to be launched in 2012.

Building and assembly work is progressing ahead of schedule, and preparation work has been concluded early.

The construction of a bridge across the Bolshaya Khirota river has been completed, the building frame of the airport station’s passenger terminal is almost ready, and one of the flyovers is nearing completion.

A total of three flyovers and two tunnels are to be built on the 2.76-km highway. Preparatory work has begun on tunnel No. 1, while on tunnel No. 2, a total of 294 metres (88%) has been built and the drainage system is almost complete.

By the end of this year, tunneling work is due to be finished, road-laying work is to start on two flyovers, and equipment installation will begin at the airport station’s passenger pavilion.

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