Information published on 13 September 2010 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 200.

Latvia: Exhibition at Riga Central Station

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From 5 August – the 91st anniversary of Latvian Railways – to 1 October, Riga Central Station will be the venue for a photo exhibition on Latvian Railways.

“Riga Central Station is a great public space, with tens of thousands of people of all ages and from all walks of life passing through every day – passengers, tourists, holiday-makers, city dwellers and immigrants. Latvian Railways are therefore using this excellent opportunity to inform the public about the company. The exhibition will show photos of the company’s activities as well as the people who work for the railway and who are united not only through their work for the rail company but in the leisure facilities they enjoy”, says Ugis Magonis, Chairman of the Board of SJSC Latvian Railways.

The exhibition is composed of 16 parts. Three of the stands will display information about the major events of this year: the commissioning of the second track at Bigosava (Indra district), which took place on 29 April, the 52nd meeting of the Railway Transport Council, held on 13 – 14 May in Jurmala, and the process of electrifying the country’s railways launched circa 60 years ago. The four stories describe the important railway infrastructure reconstruction projects undertaken at the border stations of Indra, Karsava and Zilupe.

The exhibition will also display information about the group’s subsidiaries: LDZ Cargo (freight forwarding and international transport of passengers); LDZ Infrastructure (track construction and maintenance); LDZ rolling stock (locomotives and freight wagons repair) and LDZ Security (freight trains, territory and building security).

Latvian Railways is composed of the prevailing company JSC Latvian Railway and four subsidiaries: SIA LDZ Cargo, which deals with rail freight services, the infrastructure construction company LDZ Infrastructure, the rolling stock repair company LDZ Rolling Stock Service and the security company LDZ Security.

(Source: LDZ)