Information published on 5 October 2010 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 203.

Enhancing international cooperation on the Transsiberian corridor

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International cooperation in developing the Transsiberian corridor as the main transport axis between Europe and Asia was the key topic addressed by Jean-Pierre Loubinoux in his speech at the board meeting of Council of Cooperation for Transsiberian Transportation in Bratislava last week.

In essence, UIC, CCTT and OSJD represent those organisations that are able to influence the process of increasing the volume of freight transport along the Transsiberian line. They can achieve this by cooperating to find solutions to bottlenecks, such as implementing electronic invoicing and containers backhauls and addressing border crossing procedures and legal issues.

As some members are common to CCTT and UIC, and as Transsiberian is one of the many corridors already considered by UIC, both organisations intend to reinforce their cooperation over the next years to improve efficiency, save time and reduce spending.