Information published on 8 October 2010 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 204.

UIC – OSJD : Freight Steering Committee visiting OSJD

  • Freight

Following the signing of the cooperation agreement between OSJD and UIC on [date to be added], freight leads the implementation. Based on an invitation of Zubaida Aspayeva, Chairperson of the Freight Commission of OSJD, the Steering Committee of the Freight Forum visited OSJD in Warsaw on 15 September.

The UIC delegation under leadership of Oliver Sellnick, Freight Director, was welcomed by OSJD Chairman Tadeusz Szozda, Deputy Chairman Viktor Zhukov and Secretary Lajos Simon. The OSJD Commissions for Freight (for overview see attached picture), Transport Policy, Infrastructure and Rolling Stock, IT & Encoding, Transport Law and Finance & Accounting presented their programmes briefly before potential areas for cooperation projects were identified:

  • Development of EuroAsian rail freight landbridges
  • Harmonisation of classification for goods (NHM and GNG codes)
  • Joint work on uniform distances and places of acceptance/delivery (DIUM)
  • Harmonization of the exchange of wagons (GCU and PGV)
  • Improving the interoperability between 1435 mm and 1520 mm gauges (leaflets, ATGS project)

These will be detailed and specified by the respective working bodies shortly. Additional items will be added on a rolling basis.

For more information please contact Oliver Sellnick: