Information published on 25 October 2010 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 207.

Serbia: “Cargo 10” – the result of synergies between three railways

Railway administrations in Slovenia, Serbia and Croatia amongst first to recognise potential in joint project

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The aim of “Cargo 10” is to become an effective service tool.
The first international freight train operated by the Serbian-Slovenian company “Cargo 10” was launched at 12:00 on October 4 from Batajnica station in Belgrade, destination Sežana. It is a block train composed of 32 wagons, which will transport wood briquettes intended for the Italian market from Paracin (Serbia) to Sežana (Slovenia). One train will operate this route on a weekly basis, with the annual contract foreseeing the transport of 50,000 tonnes of goods.

Good cooperation and efficiency between the customs services of the three countries will contribute to the success of the aforementioned project, leading to significant reductions in journey times and, consequently, financial savings. The journey time for this train will be 20 hours, which is around 10 hours less than previously. This has been enabled by the simplification of customs procedures and reduced holding of trains at the borders.
The Minister of Infrastructure of the Republic of Serbia, Milutin Mrkonjić, stressed that he was proud because railway workers in the region had been among the first to recognise the potential and value of mutual cooperation, which had led to the prompt and successful execution of the project. The aim of the joint company is to increase net foreign exchange inflow to the tune of 50 million Euros per year, Mr Mrkonjić pointed out, adding that by so doing more trains will be redirected to Corridor X, i.e. boosting traffic on that corridor from 1000 trains at present to 2000 trains.

“Cargo 10” is the first such project established by the railways of Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia using a common product, competitive prices and delivery period, since to date these goods have been transported by truck from Paracin to Sezana.

In terms of the impact on railway activities, the Serbian, Croatian and Slovenian railways forecast that the establishment of the joint company will lead to the holding of trains at borders being significantly simplified and reduced thanks to cooperation with the competent public authorities.
Interest in joining “Cargo 10” and participating in dedicated projects has been observed on the part of other railway administrations in the region and in western Europe, another indicator of the project’s potential.
“Cargo 10” represents a new step in synergising operations and cooperation, leading to better, more efficient and profitable railway traffic in the region.