Information published on 14 December 2010 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 218.

“Reference Document – An overview of UIC activities 2009 – 2012” handed over to UIC Members in Beijing

Following the draft version circulated at the UIC General Assembly on 10 June in Tokyo, an updated version of the “Reference Document – An overview of UIC activities 2009 – 2012” taking into consideration the comments and suggestions received from members, was handed over to participants of the UIC statutory meetings (Executive Board and General Assembly) on 5 – 6 December in Beijing.

This document responds to a need for a comprehensive and coherent overview of all cooperation activities monitored or coordinated by UIC; a need expressed by members as well as by experts involved in working bodies and UIC staff. It was prepared by the UIC Communications department in close cooperation with UIC management, technical departments and working bodies.

The “Reference Document” will constitute a reference tool for all Member representatives involved in UIC bodies (decision-making bodies, regional bodies, forums and platforms, experts and working groups). It provides clear information on the progress of projects and activities and shows the connection between all UIC projects and activities, as well as UIC’s statutory mission and objectives.

This document also highlights synergies and complementarities between each project. It will serve as a means of encouraging Member railways to join technical or multi-regional projects.

Copies of the “Reference Document”, which will be regularly updated, are available for Members on request to Marie Plaud:, or