Tuesday 25 January 2011

UIC Reference Document now available in electronic format

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As decided at the UIC General Assembly on 10 June in Tokyo, UIC has now finalised the “Reference Document – An Overview of UIC Activities 2009-2012”, that Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, UIC Director General, presented to UIC Members at the General Assembly in Beijing on 6 December.

This new document is intended to provide a consistent and detailed description of all areas of activity and projects being developed by UIC, and to link each of these activities to the association’s overall task and objectives.

This final version of the document has been developed by the Communications department in close cooperation with the headquarters’ technical departments and takes into account where possible the comments received from Members, including some received very recently. It will be developed and updated in line with UIC’s activities and the progress thereof. The document should constitute a particularly useful tool for reference and support for all senior managers involved in the international cooperation and the day-to-day activities of UIC.

The document is now available in electronic version on request to: plaud@uic.org

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