Information published on 9 June 2011 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 241.

Over 50 people participated in the 11th Asian Regional Assembly in Warsaw on 7 June 2011

  • Asia Pacific

Organised in unusual circumstances, in particular following the natural disasters affecting a number of members of the Asia-Pacific Region during the early part of this year, this meeting nonetheless drew a record turnout. Alongside the more active members who brought large delegations, other networks such as those from the Caucasus and Korea, who rarely have the opportunity to participate in UIC events, expressed their desire to take a more active role. This was an important event for renewing links with all our members.

In addition to reviewing the actions and programme of events planned for 2011, this Assembly served as an opportunity to launch the budgeting and consultation process for the 2012 action programme. All the participants, Directors, CEOs and Chairmen as well as UIC Technical Directors had the chance to explain and promote their initiatives. Furthermore, this Assembly was preceded by the first meeting of the region’s Technical Directors on 6 June, whose purpose was to discuss in detail the needs of our members and the technical work of the UIC forums and platforms, with a view to making the region more closely aligned and more involved with UIC as a whole, and improving the organisation of the Assemblies.

Following the success of this inaugural meeting, the Asian Coordinating Team is already planning ahead and has invited all the Asian region members to India for the 12th Regional Assembly, likely to be held in November.