Friday 29 July 2011
Railway Safety / Railway Freight

Announcement of the UIC Workshop Safe Loading to be held in Paris on 12 October 2011

Safe Loading : A matter for all the rail freight partners

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The plenary meeting of the Safety Platform will take place on 11 October in Paris at UIC HQ. On the following day, the 12 October, the UIC HQ (Freight dept. together with the Safety unit) is preparing a special workshop with the title:
“Safe loading – a matter for all railway partners”

UIC is pleased to invite all the actors of the logistic chain to attend this seminar that will be briefly introduced by railway experts, followed by a succession of focused workshops led by representatives from all the categories of actors involved.

The seminar shall conclude on the next steps to be taken by all the actors in order to maintain and even improve the high level of safety of the transport of concentrated goods by rail.

You will find all the information on the following UIC internet address:

Please transfer this invitation also to further partners who are involved in the loading process of freight wagons/units.

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