Information published on 19 August 2011 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 250.

UIC Communications Directory 2011 presents communications teams of member railways and railway associations

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The latest edition (July 2011) of the UIC Communications Directory has been published using data received from members and railway associations. The UIC Directory aims to promote international cooperation between the communications departments of member railways by providing detailed information on their responsibilities and contact persons.

The UIC Communications Directory indicates each member’s (and a number of railway associations’) director of communications as well as the spokesperson and persons in charge of public affairs, public relations and events, image and corporate identity, media relations, audiovisual products, etc.
It provides detailed information including phone and fax numbers, email and postal addresses, websites and languages spoken.

The UIC Communications Directory is available to UIC members and partner associations, in printed and electronic (pdf) format, on request at the following address:

In order to keep the directory up to date, please send any updates, modifications and additional information by email to Delphine Margot, Communications Advisor: