Tuesday 20 September 2011
Rail System

PoSE meeting in Luxembourg

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The PoSE (Panel of Structural Experts) meeting from 13-15 September 2011 took place in Luxembourg at the invitation of CFL: Chemins de fer luxembourgois (Luxembourg Railways). 26 members of UIC participated in the meeting. On the first day of the meeting items concerning railway civil engineering structures were discussed. The status of UIC leaflets in this sector and the results of two feasibility studies were presented. The Panel agreed on the presented reports and discussed some proposals for new studies for 2012 and the coming years. The PoSE congratulated the Austrian and Portuguese colleagues for their Brunel Awards for bridges. It is indeed a rare award.

On the second day the PoSE visited various bridges in Luxembourg, guided by Mr Daro, Deputy Manager for Way and Works.
The first visit was to the new road bridges over the railways near Hollerich on Line 70, followed by two bow bridges on the same line. The CFL is currently upgrading part of its network to higher speeds and some parts from single to double track lines. Therefore new bridges have to replace the older ones.

The architectural design of the bridges was adapted to the environment. The reconstruction and restoration of one masonry arch bridge near Michelau on Line 10 was an impressive example of good adaption to nature. The tour ended with a visit to the third bow bridge in front of Ettelbruck Station, also on Line 10.

On the third day special European topics were discussed by the PoSE. Currently there are new working groups in ERA, CEN/TC 250 and CEN/TC 256 where PoSE members are influenced. Some open questions were able to be solved and the PoSE will give technical support to these European working groups in its area in future.

The Chairman Mr Muncke from ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG closed the meeting after these fruitful working days and thanked Mr Douw from CFL for their support and for ensuring the meeting was well organised.

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