Information published on 25 October 2011 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 262.

Invitation to the UIC Technical Information Day on 7 December at UIC HQ

The development of UIC as an efficient technical platform, together with the growing number of its members across the world means there is a greater need to facilitate exchange between our members’ technical experts and UIC’s technical specialists.

This has been developed over the past two years in a number of ways: in particular through the UIC Reference Document, the numerous reports and communications, the development of video conferences enabling engineers to access a large number of meetings.

I also insist on the fact that on some special occasions, personal contacts between these experts can facilitate the exchange of information and a better understanding of the added value UIC can bring to all our members.
It is in this spirit that we are organising a very special event on the occasion of the various statutory assemblies held in Paris on 8 December, which I’ve entitled the Technical Information Day.
12 specifically selected topics will be addressed in the shape of a panel at UIC, and the whole of the UIC team will attend in order to welcome, meet and exchange with your representatives.

So please, consider this a unique opportunity to raise awareness of the projects run within UIC, as well as raising UIC’s awareness of your specific needs, and don’t hesitate to register some of your technical colleagues to come along with you during this event in December.
Thank you again for your interest and we look forward to meeting you all in Paris.

Jean-Pierre Loubinoux,

UIC Director-General

To register for this Technical Information Day (dedicated to UIC Members only) and to receive the titles of the 12 selected topics addressing freight, passenger, rail system and fundamental value issues, please contact Karine Van Ceunebroeck: