Tuesday 13 March 2012
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Germany: DB aims to better protect its infrastructure investments against economic crime

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Deutsche Bahn has implemented a compliance programme aiming to provide even greater protection for infrastructure investments. A new list of measures should help make it more difficult for activities such as fraud, unfair acts and cartels, etc. to take place. “This year alone, DB is investing five billion euros of federal resources, i.e. taxpayers’ money, in these areas. We need to ensure that this financial support is the focus of a specific protection measure”, said Gerd Becht, Member of DB’s Executive Board responsible for Compliance, on the occasion of a technical working session on the prevention of corruption at the Federal Ministry of Transport, Construction and Urban Development.

The programme will focus chiefly on combating fraud. An initial analysis of economic crime in Germany has been performed in collaboration with Munster’s Police Academy. The aim is to establish indicators to help identify the risks in advance and improve prevention.

(Source: Deutsche Bahn)

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