Information published on 17 April 2012 in the UIC electronic newsletter "UIC eNews" Nr 287.

EuropeTrain’s 13th run takes it through Germany for the third time

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The “Europe Train” test train, which has been travelling across Europe since December 2010 to test low-noise brakes – equipped with composite “LL” brake blocks” – before it goes into series production to retrofit the existing European freight wagon fleet, has completed its 13th run in Germany. The previous run took place in Germany, Denmark and Sweden in March.

“Europe Train” is a project managed by UIC on behalf of the international railway community. To date, 29 railway companies, four industry suppliers and the sector organisations UIC, CER and EIM have signed the resolution for the preparation of “Europe Train”. This UIC project is managed by Mr Johannes Gräber from Deutsche Bahn.

Following intensive activities at the DB Systemtechnik test centre, the train set off again on 14 April 2012 from Minden on its first run to Rostock. During this run, the train will shuttle 7 times between Minden and Rostock and 10 times between Minden and Ludwigslust (due to construction work). The return is planned for the end of April 2012. After that, a press event is planned in Mainz for 4 May 2012 with at least part of the wagons being transferred to Mainz through the Rhine valley on 3 May 2012.

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